ART::TALK with Linda Leslie and John Witham

Romantic Narrative: the Contemporary Art of Linda Leslie

Join us in this video for an evening of art talk with painter Linda Leslie and writer & filmmaker John Witham on the debut of their uniquely collaborative book “Romantic Narrative: The Contemporary Art of Linda Leslie.”

The conversation with these collaborators will be facilitated by Lisa Simon, co-owner of Radius Gallery, where Linda’s work can be seen.
You can take an early peek at “Romantic Narrative” at both Fact & Fiction and Radius Gallery.

Summary of Book

Cover of book about Linda Leslie by John Witham

Romantic Narrative: The Contemporary Art of Linda Leslie follows Missoula artist Linda Leslie’s 40-year progress in developing her technique, motifs and distinctive style of painting. Her approach to realism is fluid, intuitive and thought provoking, resulting in works that are enigmatic and contemplative.

Written by husband and creative collaborator, award-winning filmmaker John Witham, this book provides a context for the images of Leslie’s original art by tracing her background, thematic elements and landmarks in her work and life.

This artistic, entrepreneurial couple now live and work in Missoula.