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Atmosphere of Romance in Painting

linda_newyork-cropped_gradI have been studying classical figure painting for 40 years and have reached a point in my career at which I choose to utilize artistic freedom and experimentation. I work with a limited palette and begin by working either from life, previous drawings, or memory, allowing the painting to direct me in its creation. I am inspired by and work mostly with the figure. I incorporate elements of contemplation, beauty, fantasy, and magic. What sets my work apart from that of other artists is an atmosphere of romance and a feeling of quietude and peacefulness. Every day I paint, and when I paint, I enter the world that I am creating in the painting.

On Sketching

(excerpt from Southwest Magazine article on the art of sketching) Linda Leslie: I am inspired by the human figure found in contemplation, by beauty and the abstract design of life in a form of dance. I think about proportion, movement and feeling when sketching. I generally sketch with graphite mechanical pencils in a journal. I enjoy charcoal and Conte crayon too. I will also sketch with graphite directly on an oil painting in progress. Sketching keeps my eye working. It helps to keep my work loose and more confident. I feel calm, peaceful and happy when sketching. I try to think of nothing. I feel less pressure and more freedom than when painting. Although the feeling of my sketches relates to the finished work, many times the finished piece is different from the original idea. A sketch or a painting is always changing and will continue to change, as the model will, and as I will. Although it is not my intention that the sketch becomes a finished work of art, many times it does. I try to put the two together: freedom and finish.